School Improvement - Whose business is it?

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by Sarah
The linked article draws attention to the creation of a new regional structure within the DfE which is apparently taking charge of school intervention work traditionally performed by local authorities as ministers respond to concerns about how they can possibly supervise thousands of newly independent academies.

The DfE quietly set up last month what could be seen as a “middle tier” of officials and consultants, who are now monitoring the performance of both academies and non-academy maintained schools in nine regions across England.

This seems most odd in the context of the new framework for the inspection of Local Authorities designed to hold them to account for their performance in school improvement matters. Perhaps if they are to be held to account it should be made quite clear precisely what it is they are accountable for in the era of Academies.

The whole area of school improvement has now reached an almost farcical level of incoherence.
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