Another Free School Anyone?

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Oh yes here we go again. Some may have seen the spread in the Independent yesterday, as Hove goes head-to-head with Gove. See the story here Hove vs Gove:

There are plans to locate the new school on a much-used green field site in a densely populated area that is already very well used by several local schools and the community.

What isn't mentioned is the economic waste; according to the DfE figures for 2012 only 3 out of the 9 secondary schools were full to capacity and 1,358 places remained unfilled in 2011-2012 (DfE 2012). This combined with the fact that 3000 people have signed the petition in under a week would suggest that Gove and the DfE have not done their homework very well at all! The petition is available here.

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