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I've been completely out of the educational circuit for over a month and am only just working my way through all the recent LSN postings.

Hidden deep within one of the older topics in which I had a particular interest, however, was this link to a petition regarding the setting up of free schools. The key line of the petition is that "Free schools should not be approved by the Department for Education in areas where there are a surplus of places in existing schools"

It would seem to me that individuals on all sides of the free school argument would want to sign up to this. Cases, as in North Devon, where there are attempts to set up free schools when the demographics work against the idea must surely damage the whole concept of free schools and give them a bad press.

As an observation on 4 weeks of postings it struck me how much contributors still consider Mr Gove might be interested in children's education. Catching up on these pages and items of wider political impact it would seem to me that his attention is focussed 24/24 on becoming the next leader of the Conservatives and all his pronouncements should be viewed in that context.
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