We NEED to keep villages like this 'ALIVE'

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I must stress the importance of keeping our local school open (Corby Glen).
The children here are happy, content, and respectful in their manners, that you will not find in places that have been left to ruin, and that's exactly what we are heading for.
We need to SUPPORT unique places like this NOW, and for our FUTURE.
Villages like ours are few and far between, and the people who grow up around here learn that there is more to life than so-called 'gangs' and unnecessary violence, which became so when the same thing happened to the close community i moved away from, to be up here.
We do our best to keep our villages safe, but when someone decides he has the 'power' to take away the last thing that's keeping us 'alive' - what have we got to look forward to? - another once lively community overrun by people who have no respect?
It will be another ruined village - all for the sake of some money making enterprise, who can take his decisions elsewhere and leave us well alone.
Think again please.
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