One urban myth about Gove hits the dust

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Even I was taken aback the other day when a friend in education asked me if I'd heard that, in this era of giving greater freedom to schools, Michael Gove had written to all schools asking that they observe a minute's silence for Margaret Thatcher on Wednesday ... ' and that there would be a black list of schools who failed to observe this which are then going to be put in to the ripe-for-academisation category '.

A trawl of google has come up with no evidence of the existence of such a request so I guess that's one of those urban myths that appear somewhere and get passed on. The sad thing is, though, the way in which this reflects upon the stewardship of our current Secretary of State for Education. There are clearly individuals in the education world so punch-drunk with some of the inane policies brought forward that they finish up believing such tales. Were I in Mr. Gove's shoes that would give me pause for thought.
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