Multi Academy Trust worries

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My son attends a small primary school which is part of a multi academy trust comprising of 4 primary schools (1 large, 3 small and a secondary school). The Academy Trust have made the decision to remove the Yr 6 pupils from 2 of the small primary schools (the other small primary is a C of E School and they are not changing it's structure) and educate them at the larger primary. There will subsequently be two Y6 classes at the larger primary. The Academy Trust want our Yr 6 children to remain on roll at their local primary but travel 16 miles per day to be educated at the larger primary. They say this will save money and improve educational standards. My child will have to transfer schools twice in 12 months - first to the larger primary and then to secondary school. A consultation process took place but we are unsure if it was carried out at a formative stage, and it was presented as a vague concept rather than a complete package. Parental advisory bodies were not in place, although they are a requirement of the Master Funding Agreement when this decision was made.
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