Have you taught a day in your life?

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I think this gets right to the heart of the matter of what's wrong with education today. The Conservative MP, Nick Gibb, having watched my video of Gallions primary school (see below) in which a very experienced headteacher talks about teaching Maths through dance, proclaims that this is not appropriate teaching. I challenged him about this; after all, what right does he have, having never taught, to criticise an experienced head in this way?

This is my "ding-dong" with Nick Gibb over this matter; I'll post the whole video of my speech for this session in another blog, but I think this short clip is worth showing here because it really illustrates the central problem with schools policy today; ignorant politicians interfering with things they have no experience of and know nothing about! Gibb thinks because he's visited a few schools (probably mostly for photo opps) and read a few books that he has the authority to pronounce over what is appropriate to teach.


The Gallions video which Gibb took a dislike to is here:

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