Exclusive: Michael Gove says younger teachers are better than older ones -- watch his full speech on LSN!

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I attended the Spectators' schools conference today and listened to the Education Secretary give a long speech about his policies and what he considers a good education to be. You can watch the full speech down below. Andrew Neil introduces and then Gove delivers his speech. I've not edited it because it's a long "off the cuff" speech which is possibly more revealing than his more scripted efforts; it shows the inner workings of Gove's mind more than most of his recent efforts. He says many things, but what struck me as a teacher was that he satirises child-centred, progressive education in a very crude and unfair fashion, and he indicates that he feels that too many teachers have low expectations of their pupils. He bases many of his comments on his reading, not first-hand experience; this was a common theme of the conference, there was lots of research and books quoted, very few accounts from the chalk face. The Q and A was interesting; I'll post about this soon. Watch it and share your thoughts!

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