Gove - is this the answer?!

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As a touch of light relief I offer up this personal experience from our recent first-ever visit to Rome.

On our very first morning there (a Monday) we went to St Peter’s Square and visited the basilica. Not able to leave Britain and British issues totally behind, my wife and I were discussing education within the holy precincts when I said, not for the first time, ‘God, I wish Gove would just resign!‘

Of course, the Old Chap is a bit hard of hearing these days, misheard … and within hours it was the Pope who had resigned. The problem is, as with all good fairy stories, you only get one wish and so there was no chance of having a repeat performance with oral clarity and my real wish being fulfilled.

On our return, however, I told a friend what had happened and he came up with the obvious solution … put forward Gove to be the next pope. He can leave education, get a job for life and have a real opportunity to be as traditionalist as he likes. Solutions don’t come much neater than that!
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