Draft National Curriculum

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by Meraud
LSN members may be interested in the growing number of comments on the draft curriculum at the Historical Association website; they also have a poll going which is currently showing the vast majority of contributors so far firmly against the changes.

My personal view is that the draft history curriculum is deeply worrying for any historian who also knows the least little bit about children. It must be utterly disheartening for the history teaching profession, and worrying for the non-specialist primary teachers.

Are the other subject drafts this bad from LSN members' point of view? English seems to be pretty disappointing; I love this from Ian McNeilly of the National Association for the Teaching of English, when the English draft was leaked last year:

"It is fantastic that Mr Gove has acknowledged that English as a subject needs to move into a different century. Unfortunately for all concerned, he has chosen the 19th rather than the 21st," he said.
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