An initial victory but it's a long campaign

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What a relief to wake up early (worrying about our grand-children's education!), go online and read of Gove's retreat on EBCs.

However, I hope this does not mean that the educational world relaxes and forgets the need to find a better way forward. The Secretary of State still seems to be on a mission to follow a collision course with the educational world.

In this context I reproduce a posting I made last night (slightly amended here) on Janet's report of the Five Point Plan from the Headteachers' Roundtable, top of which is a plea for major educational change to be separated from party politics.

What is particularly interesting about this is the composition of the headteacher group. It comes from across the educational spectrum, including academy and grammar school headteachers. What these headteachers are saying strongly echoes John Mountford’s excellent contribution last week.

I posted a comment on that also but no-one has followed up my 38degrees suggestion … so, nothing ventured, nothing gained I’ve just done it myself! It may come to nothing but if we can engender enough interest then this may just be the way to keep all our concerns at the top of the agenda.

Go to and sign it yourself. Then use all your educational/political networks to encourage others to do the same. If it’s possible to generate sufficient interest on that website the petition may act as the catalyst for unblocking what is still a potentially dangerous stand-off between the educational world and the current Secretary of State.

The petition in itself doesn’t offer a magic wand but it may lead to calmer waters.
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