Academy Status: No Guarantee of Improvement

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There is something distasteful about a 'worst 200 schools in England' list, particularly since it pays no regard to location or the extent of poverty faced by children in the school. However, because the BBC publish one, I decided to check how many academies are on it.

  • In 2011 there were 51: 25 of these were still on the list in 2012.

  • 26 had improved results sufficiently to escape.

  • BUT they were replaced, in 2012, by an exactly equal number of academies whose results had declined.

To make this absolutely clear, I mean 26 academies that were already academies in 2011 sank into the bottom 200 for 2012.

So much for the claim that academies improve faster than other schools.

Note: For more research refuting claims of academy improvement, check out my web site, Changing Schools.
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