The curriculum and the creative industries

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A number of the regular posters on LSN seem to have a strong maths and science bias - which is helpful for me, since I don't (!). But I thought it might be useful to add a different perspective on the curriculum changes, the Ebacc, and the rest.

I've been watching the Culture Media and Sport select committee's work over the past couple of months, and it's depressingly clear that leading figures across the creative industries - architecture, design, film, music, digital media - are deeply worried about the changes that the DfE is pushing through, and the apparent lack of engagement with the needs of these valuable industries.

They're not just concerned with the importance of individual creative expression, and the social value of the arts, although this is of course important (the departing head of the Arts Council has said this). They're also, like Grayson Perry, very, very worried about the effects on industries which have become strong in the UK, but which will die without new recruits who have business and technical awareness as well as creative skills.

Anyone wishing to get an idea of the many issues around education and the creative industries should go and have a look, here I think.  If you search for 'creative' and put dates to start last October, you'll get a good selection, and can make up your own mind what you think...
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