Outside the Tory bubble, Gove not doing that well

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Interesting poll here from You Gov which breaks down public opinion into different policy areas. Labour appears to have a pretty solid lead over the Conservatives when it comes to education, which has widened in the past month from 6% to 9 %. Labour is also ahead in almost every  social class, age and regional group in this area of policy. It has a 3% lead with the ABC1 ( more affluent ) voters and a 16% lead with the C2DE group indicating that the Gove claim to be a champion of  more disadvantaged pupils isn't credible with that target group. The Tories are only ahead with the over-60s, in other words the group least likely to have a direct relationship with their local schools.

This suggests that outside the Tory metropolitan bubble Mr Gove is not as popular as his media cronies would have us believe.
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