On the day a letter about EBacc is presented to No. 10 a suggested way to increase momentum

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As I've said before there is a real need to create momentum behind this campaign if it is really going to turn, in the words of Gerald Kelly, in to Michael Gove's 'poll-tax moment'.

I've made one final attempt today to involve 38degrees in the Bacc for the Future petition - their online contact capability would offer a real opportunity to raise this issue further up the media agenda.

I also append below an e-mail message I've sent to many in our e-mail address book and which has drawn an amazingly positive response even from people with no obvious involvement in education.

Any ideas for further action or indeed similar action from subscribers to this network would, I'm sure, help.

E-mail note:

Apologies for this round robin but I feel the need to alert you to current proposals to change the exam system (the so-called English Baccalaureate or EBacc  which seem to me (and many others across the educational, political, cultural and business world) so wrong. In a nutshell I believe that the proposed examination framework will achieve the triple calamity:

1  of failing to challenge and test the real needs of the most able
2  of being totally irrelevant and demotivating for the remainder of the school population
3  of excluding creative and cultural curriculum areas.

There is, I believe however, a real chance of getting the current government to reconsider these proposals - but only if they are aware of the breadth of public concern about them.

I detail below some links to articles that explain further the proposals and the reaction to them and then suggest some possible lines of action for individuals to take if, having read the articles, you also feel concerned.

I really hope you will want to follow my lead (I thought I'd given all this stuff up!!) and add your voice to the concerns, in particular by signing the petition and passing on the message.


Hansard debate on the proposals on Wed. Jan. 16th - the debate begins just over half-way down the page and then continues  (NB this is by far the longest item ... you may want to skip this initially!!).
TES article about the reaction to the proposals ('Is the EBC Mr Gove's poll-tax moment?').
Copy of letter sent by the Head of Ofqual to Michael Gove outlining her concerns about the proposal (Gove refused to divulge the letter when questioned by the House of Commons Committee but Ofqual released it immediately).
Example of questions from DfE consultation on the proposals together with my responses.
Article I have written about why I think the proposals are flawed.

Possible actions:
Sign the Bacc for the Future petition which calls for the Education Select Committee to hold an inquiry into the lack of creative and cultural subjects in the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) and the speed of GCSE reforms.
Add your comments to any of the articles, particularly those on the Local Schools' Network.
Write to your local MP and/or any of the following: Michael Gove (Con - Education Secretary), David Laws (LibDem - Minister for Education), Stephen Twigg (Lab - Shadow Education Spokesman), Graham Stuart (Con - Chair of Education Select Committee), Dan Rogerson (LibDem - Chair of LibDem backbench education committee).
Pass on this message to anyone in your e-mail address book who may share these concerns.
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