Education Minister: John Nash

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John Nash has been appointed to be a minister in the department for education.Who's he and where's he come from?

You may well ask.
It seems Gove can appoint anyone he likes. He just makes them a minister and then sorts out their peerage to make that possible.

So, what does he do?
Apart from being a major Tory donor he's on the board of the Centre for Policy Studies. So he's responsible for Tom Burkard being their education guru and is informed by his wisdom. I notice Tom has now removed his claims ever to have been a fellow at Buckingham and is now claiming to be a professor at Derby. The ludicrous nature of and low standard of his pseudo-academic make this claim surprising. Can anybody find any evidence to suggest it's true? The university of Derby couldn't.

He's also involved with an academy about which Gove has enthused:

"it takes a fastidiously chronological approach to history, starting back in antiquity".

None of this fuddy duddy examining of evidence, checking of primary and secondary sources, challenging perspectives gibberish then.

What does anybody else know about him or his intentions?

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