A Well Thought Out Alternative to the EBC

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As the TES this week describes the near total opposition to the EBC, and asks if it is Gove's poll tax, what are the alternatives? Many are questioning whether we need an exam at 16 at all now that students will stay at school until the age of 18. (See here and here.)

However if there are to be exams at 16, they need to meet the needs of all students (and not just the most academic or those good at essays) and enable all subjects to be represented, so students can play to their strengths. Essex headteacher Tom Sherrington (@headguruteacher) has come up with a well thought out alternative that does seem to meet those needs.

Click through to Tom's post - One System for all, excellence for all - site for the full diagram and explanation. An extract is below.

Thoughts welcome. Would this meet the needs of our students?

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