A short example of stupidity

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With all the controversies over Ebacs, academies, free schools and a return to a highly prescriptive 50's style curriculum, there is plenty to get angry about. However, it is sometimes the little things in life that start to push you over the edge. Here is an example.

I had a year 6 pupil who left in the summer. Over his four years of Key Stage 2, he made two levels progress in reading, going from 3c to 5c. He had also made over two levels progress in writing, going from 2b to 4a.

So, guess how many levels progress he made overall in English? That's right class, he made just one level according to RaiseOnline.

Because of the way level 3 is measured as a 3b at KS1 despite the range, and the way the writing at KS2 was given a blanket 4b this year despite the range, it means that our 2 levels progress indicator, a key measure of progress, was four percent less than it should have been - the difference between outstanding and good, between good and needing to improve?

Ofsted's statistical people called it counter intuitive. It's not what I'd call it!
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