Education of sick children, particularly those with ME/CFS

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1% of children suffer from ME/CFS and are so fatigued that they are unable to attend school. Many mainstream teachers do not believe illness is preventing young people attending school. This exacerbates the illness and life chances for the young person. The break up of LEAs and introduction of Academies hits the vulnerable hardest, with centralised services hit hard by government cuts. Furthermore, Academies are not obliged to offer specialist services such as outreach lessons for sick children. There has been a recently concluded study by Dr Esther Crawley, which will shortly be released in full, but is currently available in extracts.

I have published an article on think Left blog, which you might like to refer to.  There's a link to it here.
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Mon, 26/11/2012 - 20:49

Hello Pam,

Thanks for writing your blog. You're describing a very important issue.

I don't know if you're open to suggestion regarding improving the blog but to me the obvious thing would be to cut out the first two sections and to focus straight in on the effects of academisation on the education of sick children. The first two paragraphs are political and rather shallow. The rest of the blog is much more powerful, important and relevant. It's this which deserves both yours and the readers full attention.

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