“Picking up the Pieces” - Towards 2015 - the agenda for a new government

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In a few weeks’ time, we will be half way through this Parliament, assuming of course that it runs its full course. So not surprisingly there is now more attention being paid to what any future government might have in store for education.

A new government will inherit a huge number of controversial policies many of which will be only half implemented and lack any groundswell of professional or public support. How to go forward from there will obviously be a delicate and complex task if the system is not to be even more destabilised.

At present there have been little in the way of detailed policy announcements by Labour but there are some directions and themes emerging. It is to explore them that CASE, SEA, Comprehensive Future, Forum and ISCG have come together to promote a conference called “Picking up the Pieces”.

The conference has this name because that will be the task of the next government – putting together the pieces of a fragmented education system, creating a curriculum and examination system that is relevant to the 21st century information age and putting equal opportunities back at the centre of policy.

The conference speakers between them bring massive experience in running an education service. The aim is to promote debate and generate ideas which can inform the thinking of those who may have responsibility after 2015. We hope as many readers of LSN will want to come along and share their views.

It will be held on Saturday November 17th at the Camden Centre in Central London. The speakers will be:
• Stephen Twigg, MP Shadow Secretary of State for Education
• Francis Beckett Author and journalist
• Tim Brighouse Former Director of Education for Birmingham and Schools Commissioner for London
• Peter Downes Specialist in school finance, former headteacher, past president of the secondary heads association and Liberal Democrat councillor.
• Peter Mortimore Professor of Education and former Director of the Institute of Education, London
• David Wolfe QC Specialist in education law and author of the definitive blog on education law “A Can of Worms.

Full details including booking information can be found at here

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