I am worried that the state system is under real attack

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I am a parent of secondary aged children and I have taught in state secondary schools for twenty years, part-time since having children. I have just left my job and I am not sure that I want to find another job in a school. That does not mean that I have become less passionate about supporting state education, in fact I think I feel more strongly about it than ever. I have worked in schools that have not been high achieving and went through the process of converting to an academy last year. I also worked in grant maintained schools early in my career. I have always tried to be pragmatic and did not fight academy conversion because I felt that the school I was working in was suffering due to a protracted conversion and that I would prefer to "get on with it"
I am however very concerned that the fragmentation of the school system is leading to really deep divisions within the state system. I am tired of conversations as a parent obsessing about schools and as a teacher I am tired of trying to meet targets.
Michael Gove scares me and I have a real sense that education is going backwards and that depresses me.
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