English learners perform well in language competiton.

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UK foreign language learners finished ahead of their European peers for the second year running in the Association for Language Learning (ALL) World Championships 2012. UK students answered 5,821,761 questions in a ten-day on-line competition. UK was third in the world overall, winning Bronze medal behind New Zealand (Silver) and Australia (Gold).

The top UK school was Colonel Frank Seely School, a community comprehensive in Nottingham, which came 37th in the world. The top UK student was Sohini K from Wallington High School for Girls, a converter academy in Sutton, who came 18th in the world. And Iroda A, from Burnholme Community College, a community school in York, came first in the world for Russian. ALL writes, “This is proof not only that British students love languages, but that we have some of the best linguists in the world!”

The names of the top ten UK schools and the top ten UK pupils are here. The schools comprise private schools and state-maintained further education colleges, academy converters and community, foundation, and voluntary aided schools.

The achievement of UK language learners shows that innovation and good practice is found in all types of UK schools – it’s not necessary to be a free school, convert to academy status or be members of FASNA to be “pioneers of excellence”.

UPDATE: The original heading for this thread was "UK language learners finish top of European league for second year running".  This was taken from information on the ALL website.  However, the full list of competitors shows that only one European country outside the UK (Germany) entered.  The schools that took part were overwhelmingly from Australia, New Zealand and England with a tiny number of schools from USA, Thailand, Singapore, Scotland and Wales.  The full list of competing schools is here.  Nevertheless, this does not diminish the achievement of the schools and pupils that took part.  The headline has been changed for greater accuracy.

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