Audit investigation into pupil place planning and capital

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by Sarah
I understand that the National Audit Office have just been given authority to undertake a value for money audit on the planning of pupil places and allocation of capital to meet basic need. One of the things that the audit will focus on is the value for money implications of establishing free schools in areas where there is already adequate provision at a time when there is unprecedented demand elsewhere.

There will be a survey of local authorities and engagement with stakeholder bodies.

It may be worth members of the Local Schools Network contributing to the debate. The report will go to the Public Accounts Committee before the end of this year.

They are also currently undertaking an investigation into the expansion of the Academies programme which will report in the autumn. Details are hereĀ 
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Sat, 12/05/2012 - 22:34

I think this is good but why did it take so long? And is it not obvious that a free school 'policy' creates surplus places in most incidences and doesnt meet demand? How could it when it is merely based on parent desire. A bit different from need.
In my area there is now a critical shortage over the next few years and people are being offered schools several miles away. There needs to be more state schools created with perhaps ingenuous solutions such as utlising existing school space in secondaries. What we don't need are more academies.

Rebecca Hanson's picture
Sat, 12/05/2012 - 23:57

Thank you for letting us know about this Sarah.

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