Rivendale Academy Trust

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The leads of the former Rivendale Free School have long been quiet but have recently revised their  website.

They have a main navigation that covers what appears to be a bid for a new school - looking for a location for a Rivendale Primary School. The rest of the site seems dedicated to the new vein of being an academy sponsor for primary schools.

What is interesting is that the FAQ asks a specific question about accountability and any 'loss' through leaving the local authority. There is no mention about accountability to parents, community, or children. They are clear that they are accountable to the DfE and the Charity Commission. And they are clear that governing bodies will be comprised of parents, employees and of course - 'certain members' of Rivendale staff.

The website is very interesting but does lack information on how the Trust would run schools - would they be subject to the six day a week plan that other Trusts have operated?

There is a focus on staff interaction with the Trust. This is a good thing, however I do wonder about the pride they have about the staff being able to dismiss the Governing Body or Trust - a slight conflict, given they pay their salaries. Well intended, but perhaps not realistic.
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