Stop faked processes of establishing demand now.

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So desperate am I to make a difference to some of the horrors which are happening in policy that I've joined the Lib Dems and have been at spring conference this weekend.

I've met some profoundly intelligent and dedicated people who are working hard to challenge various aspects of the horrors of what's happening.

One thing which came up is that they are becoming effective in challenging free school applications where dubious practice is going on in establishing that there is a demand. I know several examples of that have been discussed here. If you are aware of any of this happening where the application has not been kicked out of court please publish the cases and the links to the evidence here or get in touch with me through

I don't seem to get updates about comments any more - if anyone can tell me why or how to fix that please do. Otherwise please bear in mind that I may not see posts here straight away and use linkedin if it's urgent. Thanks.
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Sun, 11/03/2012 - 18:13

There are all sorts of dubious marketing practices going on. In my own area there was a free school proposer who was putting comments on their website saying how well places were filling up and exhorting parents to hurry to register so that they did not miss out on a place... only to have to admit a week later than they only had 9 families interested. On their literature they made a big play out telling parents that even if they registered an interest it in no way meant they were committed to sending their child to that school - which is not in the spirit of the guidance given by the DfE on assessing demand. I think it is lunacy that free school applications are assessed on the basis of parental demand rather than need - at the very least there should be a strong demographic argument for the need for extra school places.

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Sun, 11/03/2012 - 22:51

Thanks for your comment Sarah. I don't mind people posting information about what has happened in the past here but am particularly looking for situations which are ongoing. (I assume this particular application collapsed?)

In order to actually achieve anything I need as much information and evidence as can possibly be given.

I agree with you only your last comment.

(apologies for the mixed metaphor in the post by the way).

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Mon, 12/03/2012 - 15:04

The STEM Academy, a proposed 16-19 academy specialising in STEM subjects, offered a prize of an i-pad for parents or pupils who completed its "survey". The first question asks parents or pupils whether STEM Academy would be first choice. There's only one possible answer: Yes. The survey is discussed in more detail below although the reference to a closing date of the end of January seems to have been removed from the updated website.

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Tue, 13/03/2012 - 23:13

Thanks Janet - I've passed that one on and will let you know if I get any feedback.

Please keep them coming.

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