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I am interested in the arguements as they relate to Primary schools. I have seen the data as it relates to secondary schools on your site. Is it too early to provide Primary data. I am caught in a dilemma being the Governor of a Voluntary aided Cof e school. Leicestershire LA has virtually given up on its schools effectively encouraging them to become academies. A very significant number of Leicestershire schools are C of E aided schools. The diocese has strongly encouraged Leicestershire C of E schools to become acdemies under Church auspices . Our school in Leicester city ( LA opposed to Academies) is being' offered' the same route as the County schools. There are a small number of C of E schools within the City. A tentative proposal for an Academic trust uniting the Leicester Church schools under a common banner is on the table . I have been disappointed with Church support. I do not believe the C of E schools share common aspirations. I personally want to reject any proposal for Academic status for the school under any banner but who knows what the future holds
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Wed, 22/02/2012 - 13:52

Alan, you'll find information and advice about opposition to academies on the sites linked below. It's important to remember that when schools join in with academy federations they can risk losing freedoms they already enjoy. This was the view of John Burn, OBE, when he gave evidence to the Education Bill Committee.


If you have union reps at your school it would be worth speaking to them. What is the view of the other Governors? Do they share your qualms?

Sites with information about opposing academy conversion:




Also see these two articles from TES about CofE schools:



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