Our school has developed from being in special measures with a falling roll into an oversubscribed school of choice through working with the local community in order to provide the school that is wanted by our neighbourhood.

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Upper Shirley High is a cooperative academy that is part of the Upper Shirley Learning Community Trust - a cooperative federation of 8 local schools (one secondary, one special secondary, 2 junior and 3 infant, with our 6th college as a partner). We believe in quality local education and work together to ensure that our funds are shared amongst us based on each school's needs. We take collective responsibility for all key stages and work with shared post of responsibility across the trust. Our pupils actively interact and share educational experiences whilst taking responsibility for pupils who are younger than themselves. Our staff share CPD experiences including international visits. We are passionate about our local education and seek to enhance local provision where the LA could not provide the resources. Although USH is the only academy at present we are looking at some of the other trust schools (if not all) joining the academy in order to used the greater economies of scale to enhance our local provision. All of our schools are based on cooperative values.
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Congratulations on turning around the school into a success. I know from experience that it takes a lot of hard work to achieve this, and the ideas of older children as mentors as well as international visits are things that more schools should promote.

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