Michael Gove's Critics

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Michael Gove has relentlessly lies about the nature of his critics.

In this article he attacks them as follows:

“The same ideologues who are happy with failure – the enemies of promise – also say you can’t get the same results in the inner cities as the leafy suburbs so it’s wrong to stigmatise these schools,” he said.

“Let’s be clear what these people mean. What are they saying?

“If you’re poor, if you’re Turkish, if you’re Somali, then we don’t expect you to succeed. You will always be second class and it’s no surprise your schools are second class.

“I utterly reject that attitude.

“It’s the bigoted backward bankrupt ideology of a left wing establishment that perpetuates division and denies opportunity. And it’s an ideology that’s been proven wrong time and time again.”

Gove's allegations about his critics are ludicrous and deeply offensive to many.

I am a critic of Michael Gove.
Unlike him I am a pragmatist with views which are emergent from experience and reflection not an idealist.
Unlike him I have dedicated my career to working to educate all children, especially the disadvantaged.
I am not left wing.

I'm a critic of Gove's policies because they will not deliver his stated objectives or delivering appropriate professional freedom and more local power in education and they are an expensive and divisive distraction from policy which will.

I've never met anyone else who contributes to this forum.

If anyone wants to check out the veracity of this and of anything else I have written on this forum I am in London with some free time this Tuesday. You can reach me through linkedin.com or your can suggest a way I can contact you on this discussion should you wish to meet.
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Thu, 12/01/2012 - 10:25

lied not lies.

It was great to meet Melissa.

A shame none of Gove's supporters were interested in meeting. I'm keen to build bridges wherever I can. If any of you are interesting in meeting please get in touch anyway and I'll do my best to work something out.

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Sun, 15/01/2012 - 23:24

Hmm, so today he things I'm a Trot and that his critics think he should be locked in an asylum.

Shame he can't engage with the idea that his critics are people who think his policies are out of kilter with his aims and that he's got carried away in a destructive bubble of personal hubris he won't face.


I wish he'd stop behaving like a drama queen.

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