I don't want the school, where I'm a teacher and both my sons attend, to become an academy and foundation school.

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Our state education system is one of the things that makes us a civilised country and we shouldn't allow it to be given away, or sold off, so easily. I can understand why Tories and anxious heads and governors might accept the "easy" or "safe" or "pragmatic" cop out but I can't understand why teachers, parents and other people in the community aren't more furious about this. They have been sold the myth that it is the only option, that is the best thing for their children's education and that everyone else is doing it so we have to as well. We need a real debate, a genuine consultation and we need alternatives to be realistically presented. If we can't stop it, we need to know how to do our best to control the new system so that it still benefits our children and not private businesses.
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Thu, 22/12/2011 - 23:49

I agree entirely. Unfortunately I think people arent furious because they arent told enough about it and there is so much else going on the economy that little attention is paid. I also blame politicians in opposition for not having the guts to take this on.

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