Prizewinning creative partnership faces “tragic” cuts

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Creative Partnerships, an organisation which supports links between schools and creative professionals throughout the UK, was one of the prize winners at the World Innovation Summit in Education (WISE) early this month. Since 2002, Creative Partnerships has worked with 1.4 million young people on more than 8,500 projects designed to encourage the development of creative skills. But when it was presented with its award, the presenter told the audience that “funding has just been cut by the UK Government”.

The board director of the UK Innovation Unit, Valerie Hannon, told the TES that the disparity between the high international reputation of Creative Partnerships and its treatment in the UK was “symptomatic of the direction of travel …which many of us find nothing less than tragic.”

“Any observer must realise that the UK is markedly out of step with a global movement towards re-conceiving how educational opportunities and learning are made available… We are looking back to the 1950s, and others are looking to the 21st century and all its uncertainties and possibilities.”

Backward-looking, narrowly-focussed and out-of-step – that’s an accurate description of Mr Gove’s vision for English education.

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Wed, 14/12/2011 - 10:25

Ah, if you only knew the sheer contempt some of the teachers in "Creative Partnerships" schools have for the whole idea. good riddance to a silly gimmick.

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