Do you know about the Manchester Montessori School?

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Been pre-occupied with other issues recently so I have only just picked up that a bid for the Manchester Montessori School has been submitted and turned down, but they still hope to open in Sept 2013. I have caught up with various posts about failed FOI and other attempts to get more information about bids, so are there any other members of LSN based in south Manchester that know anything ? Can we share??
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Tue, 17/01/2012 - 16:29

At the Anti Academies Regional Conference in Manchester someone briefly mentioned that the Montessori Free school was still hoping to open but that they have moved location to Didsbury as opposed to Chorlton. Having said that, the majority of people at the conference had not even heard about the proposed free school. There is pressure on the primary schools in South Manchester and numbers in Infant classes are being exceeded due to winning appeals! So it will all be very interesting to watch how it develops.

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