Academics condemn government policy in open letter

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Norfolk academics have issued an open letter warning that the Government’s policies will harm educational opportunities for students and adult learners.   They regret the scrapping of the educational maintenance grant and the imposition of higher university fees which they believe will have harmful long-term consequences for both economic growth and social cohesion.

The academics wrote, “While it is recognised that deficit needed to be addressed, it is unfortunate that the Conservative Party has seized on this as an opportunity to launch an ideological attack on the whole public sector.”

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Tue, 11/10/2011 - 13:51

There are some excellent article from that ATL in their back magazines which you can find down the left hand side of this page.

Here is just one example:
I know there are some with more detailed and systematic analysis of education policy issues but haven't time to root them out now as it's school run time!

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