A supporter of Michael Gove.

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The Telegraph's Charles Moore has written this article that is supportive of MIchael Gove:

"Mr Gove has no Fox-y problem with commercial interests. But if you look at his valiant efforts to achieve permanent change in British schools, you will see that he could get little done through strictly official channels alone. He needs to have political outriders with him, clever young special advisers who can work out quickly when an anxious parents’ group needs support or when an archbishop needs telephoning. Such advisers are anathema to the regular Whitehall apparatus.
Now that Dr Fox has gone, watch as the emboldened established powers turn their fire on Mr Gove – or on whichever secretary of state is trying most actively to take power from the bureaucracy which has misruled us for so long."

Although this is an attack on Civil Servants, it is interesting that even an admirer recognises an apparent lack of accountability...
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Wed, 19/10/2011 - 14:26

I think the Telegraph's Charles Moore has forgotten that Mr Gove had more meetings with Murdoch than other ministers. Also interesting that the Telegraph seems to support bright, young things sniffing out anxious parents who need "support" (ie persuading to put forward a government-approved point of view) or discovering when someone might need to be leant on by the boss.

Reminds me of the dogs in Animal Farm.

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