Education: Its about the relationship between the teacher and the student

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David Medway, Deputy Head of Sixth Form at Stoke Newington School, attended TedxLondon on Saturday and wrote a very interesting summary on his blog. Click here for the full article. He explains how, whatever technology can bring, its really the relationship between the teacher and the student that matters most:


"What I took from the day was Ken Robinson’s borrowed analogy about theatre. He suggested that when it came down to it the only thing that could be guaranteed to improve theatre was working on its only essential ingredient: the relationship between actor and audience. To shift that to education, we mean the teacher (of whatever sort) and the student. Everything else is bells and whistles. Or gadgets. Or targets.

"A great teacher can teach a class in an empty box room with nothing but themselves and the learners. If we want an education revolution, then let’s revolutionise our approach to the mundane but significant stuff like a child's life outside of school; feeling safe at school; understanding how to build knowledge and understanding itself; realising that it’s necessary to make mistakes; students knowing they are valued, by adults and peers alike; well planned, meaningful learning experiences; purpose; interdependence; fairness; nurture; students taking ownership of their learning and grasping how to improve from where they are, just because they want to."

Full article here

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Wed, 21/09/2011 - 10:51

This reminds me of the statement a Jamaican lecturer Dr Ken Taxter often makes, 'teachers teach children not subjects'.
Children thrive when the relationship with the teachers is positive,loving and mutually respecful. These are the teachers who can get children go beyond there own expectations.

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