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Rosewood Primary is a largely secular school sits near one of the early Academies (King's Academy) and can take a fair degree of credit for that schools success. In fact, it's highly likely that featured prominently in the decision to put King's where it is - since it can and does access directly into large swathes of the middle-classes - funneling children away from other comprehensives which have seen their grades drop in recent years. (Just another statistic you won't get from the government!)

I was parent-governor here for some time and I really cannot find fault with the team. Although most of the teaching staff is female (guys are hard to source for this age group) the quality of teaching is second to none and I put this down largely to the head and her management team.

All three of my children have attended this school and all three have enjoyed their time there immensely.

Most of the intake is middle-class and that's reflected in the standards of behavior although bad behavior is not tolerated in any regard.
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Wed, 07/09/2011 - 07:33

What does being middle-class have to do with standards of behaviour? More specifically, what are the school’s shared values?

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Wed, 07/09/2011 - 09:19

If it can take credit for the success of King's Academy can it also be blamed for the worsening of the local comprehensives?

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Sat, 10/09/2011 - 14:10

Children of middle-class parents tend to be better behaved than those from poorer backgrounds; particularly those from families where no person has worked for several generations. This isn't bias, it's observation and it's a tendency, not a rule.

My own family live on the poverty line, so I get to see this first hand.

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Sat, 10/09/2011 - 14:18

That's a different issue entirely, Botzarelli, although the two are related.

My feeling is, and always has been that academies - particularly the early ones, are divisive. There is evidence that while performance at King's Academy has gone up since it opened - five/six years ago; the corresponding performance of other local schools has dropped off.

It's a little early to tell and clearly this hypothesis would have been tested against the evidence, but appears to be the case.

Several people I have spoken to suggest that parents who previously sent their children to higher-performing schools such as Stokesley, are now sending them to Kings - with a swing in the results.

Let's be honest - given the choice - would you send your kids to a crumbling sec-mod/comprehensive or the virtually new, high-tech purpose built building?

The only reason mine did not is because I cannot challenge the schools requirement to carry bibles at all times; not to mention the former principal's bizarre beliefs. And that's just the tip.

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