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This is an excerpt from a letter home to parents of children at a local Louth grammar school. It is not one of the ones that we have been campaigning about, but I would like to think that a strong campaign in the town has made a difference to the decision.

Academy Status
The Governing Body, Leadership Team and I have carried out a thorough, and forensic investigation into the financial and philosophical issues surrounding Academy Status that has lasted over six months. We value the degree of independence that Foundation Status gives us but equally value the solid working relationship and support we receive from Lincolnshire County Council. On the evidence currently available King Edward’s will remain as a Foundation School.
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Tue, 19/07/2011 - 18:26

This is a great result for all those who campaigned against academy conversion. I hope that all Lincolnshire schools who are currently moving towards conversion will now reconsider their decision.

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Wed, 20/07/2011 - 19:32

This 'news' is several months old circa the Birkbeck withdrawal from the academies merger.

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Wed, 20/07/2011 - 19:55

First of all, Birkbeck have not given a clear policy direction about academy status. They withdrew from the merger talks, but have made no noise about potential academy status for themselves.
Secondly, the letter home from the Louth grammar school (KEVIS), went home only yesterday and appeared on the website today. So I ask you to retract your previous comment please Alan.

I am really beginning to wonder what your issue is with me Alan, as what unites us is far more important than what we differ on. If you want to campaign on selection, by all means do. So do I. But the academy issue is a burning one, and it will bring with it all the problems (and more) that selective education does to the county.

Alan's picture
Wed, 20/07/2011 - 21:12

"But the academy issue is a burning one, and it will bring with it all the problems (and more) that selective education does to the county."

Not so, selection already rejects about 50 per cent of children and has been a burning issue for decades -- I was born in Louth -- the real difference now is fear over jobs and pensions. Where are, and where have been, children's voices in this campaign?

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Wed, 20/07/2011 - 22:22

The children's voices are nowhere. We are agreed on that much.

We also agree on selection.

Where we disagree is that we can dismantle the entire structure of education in a chaotic, reactionary way that does away with local accountability and strategic oversight.

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Thu, 21/07/2011 - 22:20

Not sure I disagree on the third point, been thinking all day about the situation and gone full circle. Guess history will be the best judge but by then it may be too late

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Fri, 22/07/2011 - 15:21

hence the Louth campaign!

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