Let's support the summer reading challenge and get every child reading!

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The Summer Reading Challenge is a really cool project which aims to get schools, libraries and parents working together so our children might actually do some reading they like this summer!

For an English teacher like me, this is the Holy Grail: if one of my pupils actually enjoys reading, then everything else follows; happiness at school, success in the classroom, and, even if takes time, good exam results. The Summer Reading Challenge website is brilliant because it enables parents, teachers and anyone interested to find librarians who can come into schools or community centres and help get children reading. Most importantly, it’s all about enjoyment and finding books that children like — because they are out there! Good librarians know how to get even the most reluctant readers digging books.

This info from the website: “The national Summer Reading Challenge, coordinated by The Reading Agency, is run in 97% of UK public libraries. With 760,000 children aged 4-11 taking part, the Summer Reading Challenge is the biggest national reading initiative. It runs in libraries throughout the summer holidays, with incentives, activities and events designed to create a real buzz around children’s reading. The challenge is simple – to read six or more library books over the summer.”

Check it out now!

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Wed, 06/07/2011 - 18:15

I agree, it's a great scheme and my children really enjoyed it in the past. Is there anything similar for older children? I'm working on a project with a local secondary school trying to encourage parents (many of whom have English as a second language) to support their children's reading, and persuade reluctant readers aged 11+ to try reading for fun. All the advice I can see on this subject is aimed at younger children, but lots of kids leave primary without a taste for reading, we can't just abandon them when they finish Year 6. Any suggestions will be gratefully received!

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Fri, 08/07/2011 - 23:51

This is a very good point Penny. Maybe we need to set up a secondary reading challenge too!? I have trawled around and not found one. Anyone else got any suggestions?

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