I despair of the dismantling of the state school system. It's a waste of money and resources, all for fashionably silly ideas.

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The rot started under Labour, with the introduction of specialist schools and academies. I've heard of schools applying for specialist status, claiming extra resources, than changing their status to get even more. Don't know if this is true, but the system is ripe for exploitation. Any poorly performing school could be improved with appropriate help and funding, without needing to change into an "academy". The number that have been taken over by religious organisations is especially worrying. How does it make sense to segregate children in faith schools? Surely the example of Northern Ireland should have taught the powers-that-be that it's a dangerous policy? Now we have the daftest idea yet; "free schools", dreamt up by Gove and various evangelicals, leaching money from the state school system to allow half-baked ideas to proliferate at public expense. One of these days, I may have grandchildren. What will be left for them?
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