The injustices of the academy system

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I am fascinated and outraged by this story from Norfolk.

It shows a local authority giving clear preferential funding treatment to Academies that it sponsors. Surely if this is central government funding, all of the schools in the county should have a claim on it? What legal right do they have to just split the money amongst the academies that it controls? I am amazed that other local schools are not up in arms.

And what do people on here think about LAs acting as sponsors? I am really interested in what actually changes for the schools. Despite the unfairness of this case, could it be a way forward in preserving local co-ordination of provision?
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Tue, 07/06/2011 - 12:15

It seems to me that these academies are not only getting a top slice of the LEA budget, but also a top slice of the county council budget - this is unfair not only to other schools in the area but also to tax payers in general.

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