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A great example of what can happen when accountability is lost is found here in this story from the Yorkshire Post.


Just a shame that the word school, not academy is used...
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Thu, 09/06/2011 - 15:02

And only yesterday a story appeared on this site about problems with an academy in Thetford.

In the case of Outwood Grange Academy which Sarah features above, the audit report concluded “...there has been a significant breakdown in appropriate standards of governance and accountability at the school.” The financial irregularities including paying £6,000 of charitable donations into the school's own account.

Aren't governing bodies supposed to be responsible for what goes on in schools, be they academies, community schools, foundation schools or any other type of school? So in the two cases featured, who is accountable? And where is the redress for parents and taxpayers?

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Thu, 09/06/2011 - 15:34

From Hansard:23 May 2011

Bill Esterson (Sefton Central) (Lab): “Parents, staff and students across Sefton have raised concerns about the plans to create academies. Does the Secretary of State understand the need to gain support from parents, staff and students—and, indeed, the wider community—before converting schools to academies? Will he ensure that such major and irrevocable changes cannot be carried out by governing bodies without full consultation?”

So what was the reply of the Secretary of State to a question about lack of consultation re academy conversion? Well, it’s up to the governing body who, as we know, can consult as little as they please.

Michael Gove: “The popularity of academies is attested by the increasing number of parents who want their children to go to those schools. I am sure that every governing body contemplating this step will take the appropriate procedures and will ensure that this transformative change benefits all the students.”

Perhaps Mr Gove is unaware of rumblings from Thetford or the goings-on at Outwood Grange Academy.

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