“MORE than £160,000 of taxpayers' cash being spent on privately educating 17 children has been criticised as "morally indefensible".

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In sharp contrast to its recently announced increase to bus fares for post-16s, due in September, an article published today by the Lincolnshire Echo (May 17, 2011) has just announced that the council will be funding a number of private sixth form places at considerable cost to the county’s taxpayers.

In 2010, the Council’s Scrutiny Committee acknowledged the gap was widening for young people along the east coast of Lincolnshire, particularly in Mablethorpe. It now appears as though the gap has become more divisive.

“Lincolnshire County Council has revealed it is committed to part-funding the sixth form places at The Stamford Endowed Schools until 2013 at a cost of £4,800 per pupil.

This is despite youth clubs across the county facing cuts of £2 million and the authority proposing to shut Lincoln's Queen's Park School. The Conservative-controlled council says it hoped providing the private education cash would make the town's existing secondary school, which has no sixth form provision, "more attractive" to parents and pupils.”

Here we go again! Lincolnshire retains academic selection by 11+ and all of its effects, so as well as distorting the curriculum the council is now forced to rob Peter to pay Paul in order to maintain those prestigious grades recently referred to in the media. Can’t help thinking it might have been fairer to provide a comprehensive system for all rather than private tuition for a privileged few.
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