To Boldly Gove….

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One thing I have learnt since running our local anti-academy campaign is that when you are passionate about something, and communicating and talking to like minded people, it is easy to assume that the whole world will just fall into line and MUST feel the same way.

So when I do find someone who has a different perspective on academies, it now shakes me a little. It makes me realise that as well as talking, I must be listening and understanding too. The reality is that no party involved in our local campaign will walk away with everything they want. Compromises will have to be be made. The situation with falling roles and the pressure on schools to reach floor targets in a selective area makes our schools here very vulnerable to central government intervention.

Thus the next - and the most important part of our SOS work to date - is to meet with the heads and governing chairs of all the schools concerned. I am not sure how these meetings will go. I have no set agenda. I go with a set of deeply held and passionate values. But I go to listen, learn and find a genuine way forward. I recognise the integrity, standards and views of the other parties involved.

And this is why, yet again, I find myself angry at Gove. The following article highlights a clear problem with him - he is not listening, does not want to listen, has no intention of listening. He seems only to be talking with those who already agree with him.

Well, the whole world does not agree with you Mr Gove. And if you ever cared for a visit to Lincolnshire we would be more than happy to tell you why. And we will happily show you how you are destroying the Big Society that already exists here.

How I wish I was in London today :(
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Sat, 26/03/2011 - 20:34

Having now read my own rant, I wish to complain about myself for sounding too wishy washy and willing to cave in...because I am not.
So there.

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Sun, 27/03/2011 - 08:37

Mr Gove seems unwilling to listen to anyone who challenges him. None of my letters to the DfE about Mr Gove's misuse of OECD data has been answered. Letters sent directly to the PM on the same subject have been acknowledged but then sent to the DfE. None of these has been answered. I have also received no reply about Mr Gove's incorrect statements about Pupil Referral Units.

The DfE claims it didn't receive my Freedom of Information request of 20 February about the Free Schools Conference. has assured me that they sent the email and it was received by MessageLabs acting on behalf of the DfE. The question is, therefore, what happened to my request after its acceptance by MessageLabs? Did someone at the DfE press a delete button? But as Francis Urquart remarked, "You might well think that; I couldn't possibly comment."

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