Please help keep local authority schools in Lincolncshire

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I am running a campaign at the moment to try and prevent the merger of five of our local Louth primary schools into a single academy.

However, four weeks in and I am realising that I have more of a campaign on my hands than I thought, for the following reasons:-

a) Lincolnshire is a Tory run county council. CfBT run the Schools Improvement Service for the local authority, and they are also looking to become a major academy sponsor. They have already held one meeting to which all of the county primary heads and governing chairs were invited to discuss schools becoming CfBT academies en masse. Ninety schools were represented. Another meeting is being planned, as this one was oversubscribed.

b) I have had four seperate head teachers tell me that although they do not support academies, they are having to look at converting because there will not be a LA left. One head has told me that the political will at the top of the LA is for all schools to convert as soons as possible. Gove promised that headteachers would not have to convert against their will. Well, they are doing. And I can't think of any way of stopping it other than for the heads to feel empowered by teacher and parental protest to stand for what they know to be right educationally.

c) Because of the political and educational loss of will to live from the local authority, the CE diocese has decided to try and break away as an academy sponsor to halt their schools becoming commercialised. If this goes ahead (and I am sympathetic to the reasons why they would do this) we will lose over 140 schools from local authority control in one go.

d) We already have over 20 schools in Lincolnshire already converted or seeking conversion.

Now Lincolnshire is not known as a hot bed of radicalism! I know the odds are stacked against me here. BUT I am trying very hard to mount a county wide campaign with the help of the AAA and NUT. Can I beg and plead that if anyone else in the county is reading this that they contact me through this site. Even if the schools around you in Lincolnshire are not converting yet, I think they soon will be.

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Tue, 08/03/2011 - 15:00

First: Write to your MP (and get as many other people to do the same). Ask your MP why, if the Tories are so keen on localism and decentralisation, there is now a situation in Lincolnshire where schools could change en masse to Academy status without referring to the Lincolnshire electorate. Remember to point out that Mr Gove said schools would not have to convert against their will. You can write to your MP here:

Second: use your vote in the May elections to show your disapproval of this idea.

Third: write to your local paper if you haven't already done so.

Fourth: write to your local councillor on Lincolnshire County Council. Encourage as many other concerned people to do the same. You can find out his/her name here:

You should be able to contact the NUT here:

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Tue, 08/03/2011 - 16:49

Thanks Janet
The good news is that all of the above we have done. We have already met with our MP and are very lucky to have county councillors engaging in the campaign on a daily basis. I am also quite likely to stand in the May elections myself, so on a local level we have a lot going on.
But what I really, really, really need are contacts with the union reps in schools to really get something started within the county as a whole. It seems that so far the academy march has been left unchecked in Lincolnshire by the unions. We really need to change that.

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Fri, 12/10/2012 - 01:04

Here in Grantham, Little Gonerby School is going for Academy status after holding only the most rudamentary consultation with parents and after failing to set both sides of the argument which Governors are required to do. When i wrote to the Head and complained i didnt even get a reply to my email.

They are pushing ahead. Why on earth would parents hand over millions of pounds of school buildings and land to a small group of strangers using an irreversible process with no real guarantee of improvement - indeed, a real risk of reduced funding.

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