Cornwall Primary wins award for its celebration of LGBT rights

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Gwinear Community Primary School in West Cornwall has won an Accord Coalition Inclusivity award for its outstanding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) equality work. The schools' activities included organising workshops for children led by a local charity dealing with LGBT bullying, as well as visits to the school from a gay parent to meet with teachers, parents and pupils. The judges, who included the LSN's own Fiona Millar, were extremely impressed with the school. It's worth quoting from the website because it really shows the great work that this school and many other state schools are doing to promote tolerance and celebrate diversity and inclusion in the UK:

"The judges were also impressed at the wide range of work that the school undertook to teach about different religions and cultures, which they found all the more impressive when they considered that the school is located in a relatively mono-cultural area. Among the activities the school undertook on were:

  • A biennial ‘Modern Britain week’, which this year included an Age awareness day with Age UK and a visit to a local care home, a Sikhism day, a visit from a Russian speaker and a Disabilities day with workshops led by people with disabilities

  • A history month on Roma people and travellers

  • A unit on Christian charitable work in RE

  • A very wide range of speakers from different religion and belief groups in school assemblies

Highly commended in the primary/ junior school section was Allerton Primary and Nursery School in Bradford, which won praise for the involvement of parents and a range of stakeholders in celebrating the school’s diversity, as well as an innovative approach in the school’s Collective Worship that sought to be inclusive of children from a range of different backgrounds.

The winner of the secondary school section, Ridgeway High School, was recently threatened with closure by the local authority to allow a reorganisation of schools in the area and three years ago was listed as a ‘National Challenge’ school due to poor GCSE performance.

The quickly improving school won strong praise for the ambition and the integration of special activities into the curriculum; the focus on local activity and the drive to widen the reach of pupils, expand their horizons and give them responsibility. The judges were all the more impressed by the school’s work and commitment when they took into account that the school is also located in a relatively mono-cultural area.

Second in the secondary school section was Cumberland Comprehensive School in Newham. The judges were impressed by the school’s attempts to foster mutual respect through its provision of Collective Worship, PSHE and its bullying policy, as well as the strong focus on a broad and balanced RE in the school curriculum."

For more information, log onto the Accord Coalition website.
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Mon, 07/03/2011 - 17:17

It was very interesting judging this award as there were so many schools doing outstanding work in this area. I think one aspect of Gwinear's work that impressed all the judges ( a cross party group), was its inclusion of LGBT workshops. I lived and worked for a year in that part of Cornwall, when I was training as a journalist, and schools down there don't exist in the sort of diverse communities we are used to in our inner cities. Yet this schools was tackling issues that are still ignored by some urban schools. Very brave and inspiring.

FJM's picture
Sat, 09/08/2014 - 19:35

When I was at primary school, I had no idea about sex of any description at all, let alone the LGBT Ivariety. Ignorance was bliss! let children remain children and find out about such aspects of human behaviour in their own time and their own way. Please let us not destroy childhood.

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