Free School or Terrapin in Playground?

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I know which I would choose!

I'll be watching with a weary eye the situation that develops around Bristol CC's announcement that it will have a shortfall of 3000 primary school places by 2015 on current track.

Gove must salivate when figures like this become public. Will there be an explosion of applications to open Free Schools to plug the gap or will the Council find funds to put Terrapin classrooms in the playgrounds of existing State schools? It seems that with funding to LAs being slashed and funding for Free Schools being thrown open, Bristol could soon be awash with schools offering places where a child can be taught by an unqualified teacher at a school lead by an unqualified Head-following whatever curriculum they desire.

For my children, I'd take the place in the caravan sat in the playground of the local state school, where I am aware of staff qualifications and curriculum. A place where I understand how I can get involved as a parent and where the accountability of the school is transparent.

Give me the Terrapin any day!
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