CEO of Teach First singles out Local Authority schools for praise

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The CEO of Teach First, Brett Wigdortz made an especial point of praising two schools in Tower Hamlets, Morpeth and Bethnal Green Technology College, for the way they have improved the life-chances of children from socially deprived backgrounds. He pointed out that their headteachers' relentless focus upon improving the quality of teaching in the classroom was at the root of their huge improvement. Bethnal Green Technology College is the third most improved school in London and the 14th most improved in the country. Both these schools are local authority schools -- not academies -- and have benefited from being part of the local family of schools and from the support of Tower Hamlets, which has been a very good authority for helping schools improve. Dylan Williams' pointed out that Academies appear to be no better statistically at improving deprived children's results than LA schools in similar circumstances despite the fact that they get 10% more funding.

For a more detailed account of the debate, look here.
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