Tory peer repeats misleading data - is it time to sing the blues?

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Lord Hill used the discounted OECD statistics in a speech to senior leaders in Catholic education on 27 January.

"Over the last decade in the PISA world rankings for 15-year-olds, we have fallen from fourth to sixteenth in science, seventh to 25th in literacy, and eighth to 28th in maths"

The Government knows that the OECD has said that the 2000 OECD results for the UK were statistically unreliable and COULD NOT BE USED FOR COMPARISON

However, they keep on churning out the same misleading data. It's getting a bit boring now, so perhaps the DfE could consider different ways of presenting it: turn it into a haiku perhaps, or an ode. Here is my attempt, called the PISA Blues:

In the last ten years, we fell,
In the last ten years, we fell,
Ten years ago we was top,
But now we've gone and dropped,
In the last ten years, we fell.

Now, listen, chillun, to my lies....
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