Mr Gove misleads the House again

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Mr Gove misled the House in the debate on the Education Bill. He repeated the discounted 2000 UK OECD figures to show the drop in international rankings of UK pupils since 2000 not once, but twice. See Hansard

The Government knows that these figures are suspect. It knows that the OECD has said that the 2000 figures are statistically flawed. It knows that the 2000 samples did not meet response-rate standards. It knows that OECD has said “no trend comparisons are possible with these years”. Yet the Government continues to use these figures again and again and again.

The Government defends its use of the OECD 2000 figures by citing a 2006 survey commissioned by the Department from Southampton University. However, the National Foundation for Educational Research says this report did not address the problem of comparability between 2000 and 2006 because it was published before the OECD warned against making comparisons using 2000 UK data.

If the Government knowingly uses false data, how can we trust anything it says?
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