After hype about Free Schools conference, what actually happened?

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“Hundreds of teachers, charities and parents gather for first ever Free Schools conference”. So said a DfE press release on 28 January, the day before the conference date.

This was obviously going to be a huge event with representatives of US Charter Schools arriving and our Secretary of State for Education in attendance.
But where are the media reports about what actually happened? I expected pictures of Mr Gove bathed in light pointing to a new Jerusalem. But four days after the event and there’s nothing – not even on Mr Gove’s own website.

After all the hype, could it be that the conference was a bit of an anti-climax?
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Wed, 02/02/2011 - 18:16

The FT published something on the Ready Reckoner for Free Schools, and the Sunday Times went for the angle that Gove was going to use Free Schools to crush the horrible unions etc...No surprises. But the movement is so small that it's not getting much attention. Although as I note in a previous post, important principles are stealthily being put in place that will change the landscape forever. My feeling is that they're very interested in ending the concept of the "free" education system and paving the way for parents to "top" small free schools with their own funds. That feels very "Big Society".

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