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I would like to recommend Daubeney Primary School in Hackney. It has recently come out of special measures and I couldn't praise it highly enough. My son started reception in September and thoroughly enjoys it. We are greeted by a teacher or the head at the school gates every morning. The class teacher is really switched on and there is even a dedicated PE teacher who works with great enthusiasm after school for no extra renumeration.

A recent Ofsted report on the school noted:

"Pupils now achieve well because the quality of their learning in lessons is good. Pupils say they enjoy being at school, and this was clear from the lessons seen during the inspection. Teachers have worked hard to ensure their classrooms are stimulating learning environments. The high-quality displays reinforce pupils' learning, for example by indicating to them how they can improve the standards of their work. In all classrooms there is a productive learning atmosphere that results from the very strong quality of the relationships that teachers have established with and among their pupils. There is a noticeable level of consistency in the use of basic routines for classroom teaching. The result is that pupils are clear about the purposes of lessons, and this contributes to their good levels of engagement."
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Thu, 27/01/2011 - 17:25

Congratulations to the obviously hard-working staff and pupils at Daubeney Primary School. A case study in how academy status is completely unnecessary in order to bring about school improvement. Michael Gove take note!

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